How It Started

It all began back in high school out of Northern California in my parents kitchen. We had a black lab who couldn't eat store bought treats, so I started making biscuits on the weekends. On birthdays and holidays, I would surprise her with a cookie sheet sized dog biscuit to celebrate!

My friends, neighbors, and family dogs absolutely loved them. I started selling them at a local restaurant's gift shop that I worked at (you may know the restaurant, Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, California -- they have amazing chowder and lobster sandwich!).

In early 2021, my husband and I got a golden retriever puppy, Aspen. The first few months with her were incredibly challenging because everything she would eat would make her sick. We were up every night on the hour for three months. After several visits to the vet, we found out that she has a food allergy and had to be put on a special diet. 

Once Aspen's stomach was better, I decided to make some of my dog biscuits and have her try them. It was a success! She didn't get sick and in fact her energy was great. We started training her using the treats and now she is an official batch tester for Unleash The Crunch.

Since starting, we have expanded the original recipe to highlight seasonal favorites. Keep an eye out for the next release!