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Unleash The Crunch

The Milestone

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Whether you're hitting 500 followers, 1K, or 10K... it is a big deal. I strive to focus on quality over quantity and one of the ways you can create quality friends is by being genuine and appreciative of them supporting you. It's the little things.

- When ordering select the number of digits you need. For example, 500 is three, 1K is two, 10K is three and so on. 

- Please leave in the description exactly what you are looking for. I can do different base icing colors, outlines, sprinkles, etc. I will email or send you a direct message if it is unclear.

Numbers are roughly 5” tall and packaged in a beautiful white box with a clear front.

Tapioca based icing (does not include gluten, soy or lactose) and naturally colored any of the following: organic sweet potato, turmeric, strawberry, beet, blue and green spirulina powder.

Made with the Original Crunch recipe (wheat, flax seeds, chia seeds & eggs)
Shelf Life: 3 months in a sealed container & cool environment

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dare Sutton
Delicious and festive

Love these celebration cookies from UTC to help make special occasion feel even more sweet for our pups! Our order came back just as expected and looked great. My dog loved the taste and enjoying her crunchies!

Jessica Gray
Wonderful Treat

Absolutely loved our milestone treats. Was the perfect way to celebrate us reaching 4k. Coloring was beautiful and Harlee enjoyed eating it afterwards.

Celebrate with Unleash the Crunch!

Archie was about to hit 1k followers on Instagram and we wanted to get him a special treat to celebrate! We had seen a few of his pup friends rave about Unleash the Crunch so we decided to place an order. The treats were so beautifully decorated and packaged, we had no breaks, and Archie went crazy for them! I have never seen him jump around in excitement so much for a new treat! We will be placing more orders in the future! :)